At Chicago Internal Cleansing, we specialize in Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as Colonics, as well as the use of Oxygen Steam Cabinets to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally, from the inside out.

I-ACT Certified Hydrotherapists

Our friendly and knowledgeable I-ACT Certified Hydrotherapists are professionally trained and certified to the highest standards. Our treatments are provided in an impeccably clean and relaxing environment. Please take a look at Chicago Internal Cleansing facility, and feel free to come visit us! We treat each and every client with the utmost courtesy, kindness and respect. Please, call us with questions and make an appointment today.

We recommend that you read our website, starting with our Preparation and Frequently Asked Questions sections. We have provided abundant information to help you understand the benefits of the internal cleansing therapies. At Chicago Internal Cleansing, or CIC for short, we are committed to a healthy lifestyle and have chosen to work towards your transformation to a higher level of well-being before your visit. Our clients include men and women of all ages and walks of life, and the one thing they have in common is their commitment to a healthy and balanced life. For more tips and guides please visit our blog where you will find many helpful articles. One of our recent articles talks about easy juicing options while another presents to you the wonders of the Forest Therapy.

At Chicago Internal Cleansing, we work with you to create a treatment plan that will bring you closer to feeling more vibrant and healthy. We are committed to your well-being as much as to our own, and we look forward to the opportunity to helping you reach a balanced level of health, wellness and happiness in our friendly environment.

This is what clients say about our Colon Hydrotherapy and Oxygen Steam Sauna treatments:

  • This facility is very professionally run. I have received 4 closed system treatments, and It's the best clinic I've ever been to. I highly recommend it for first-timers who may have anxiety about using this type of service. I also recommend telling the therapist if there is anything that is uncomfortable or could be improved. They are happy to accommodate.

    Customer since February 2014

    E.F. – very professional
  • Been to CIC several times already. The colonics have truly helped me with my chronic GI issues and help my body function better. Being on a raw vegan diet helps along with the colonics because your body can renew itself. My therapist is absolutely fantastic as well! Edita is so wonderful and has a very warm heart. You can has as much guidance or as much privacy as you'd like. Thank you for everything!

    Customer since May 2014

    Marina – Feel Like New
  • Great experience - would definitely recommend. My therapist made it a pleasant experience and I am definitely returning.

    Customer since July 2014

    M.F. – Great experience
  • The establishment was clean and very modern. The staff explained the complete process and made sure I totally understood. I was very comfortable with everything and pleased with the quality of the service. I plan on returning in the near future.

    Customer since August 2014

    B.N. – Awesome experience
  • I would never go anyplace else for this type of service. From the first day I walked through the door, it has been a pleasant experience. This was my first time ever having this service done and I did month’s of checking with different places to find which would fit my personality and needs as I was someone who was not familiar with colonic’s. I must say, I found the perfect place and have referred many friends who have become clients as well. Customer since August 2014
    Cheree Seawood – Would not go anywhere else for this type of service
  • Very professional, clean, quiet environment. Highly recommended. Reasonably priced and felt very comfortable. Customer since August 2014
    Duffy K – The Best