Colon Hydrotherapy Chicago


Appointments are available: Daytime, evenings and weekends, you can book on-line or via phone at 312-445-9569.

Colonic Pricing:
$120 first apt and consult $99 there after  (single apt cost)

Packages Specials:
Package of 10 = $850 (making each treatment $85)
Package of 5 = $450 (making each treatment $90)

All packages expire in 6 months.

  • When you choose to try colon hydrotherapy it is important to prepare for the procedure – read our preparation guide and feel free to contact us with questions. Please, arrive on time to your appointment. We ask that you allow your body the time it needs to complete your session, as well as to be respectful of the next client’s time. Cancellation notice of 48 hours is required, otherwise you will are accountable to pay for your a missed session.

libeColon Hydrotherapy – Libbe – Open System 

The Libbe is an Open System, Gravity Centered Colonic. An I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist will assist you in the comfort of a private room and will be with you for the entire treatment, though you have the option of as much privacy as you wish. The dignity and comfort of the client is always respected.

During treatment, a soothing flow of purified, temperature-regulated water gently flows into your colon, eliminating the accumulation of toxins and waste, promoting a clean, healthy body.

Please refer to the FAQ’s page under “How is session administered?” to read more detailed information on our Closed Colonic treatment and learn the differences between our two safe and effective colonic method options.

BSC-UVColon Hydrotherapy – Dotolo – Closed System 

During our Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, a soothing flow of purified, temperature-regulated water gently flows into colon, eliminating the accumulation of toxins and waste, promoting a clean body from the inside out.

This treatment is performed with the Toxygen Model BSC-UV, which cleanses the entire colon without the use of any drugs or chemicals. It is a closed system, so there is no smell or sound. A built-in water treatment system purifies the water. This is a therapist-assisted colon hydrotherapy procedure that maintains the dignity and comfort of the client.


Dotolo Research Corp. and Libbe have been defining the standard in colon hydrotherapy equipment since 1984. With equipment now being used in over 35 countries, the companies are recognized as the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of colon hydrotherapy equipment. We only use Dotolo and Libbe devices for our treatments because we demand the very best for our clients. Dotolo and Libbe have a company-wide commitment to quality and continuous improvements that is confirmed by its certification by independent auditors to ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485 and CE (European Union) standards.

Please download and fill out the new patient intake form before your first appointment.

Please be aware, we have a strict 24 hour cancel or change appointment time policy. If 24 hour notice is not given, your account will automatically be charged full price for missed appointment. Please show up on time. Late arrival may be considered missed appointment that you will also be financially responsible for. We do understand the very rare occasion that one must do an emergency cancellation.

Thank you for understanding that therapist is there especially for you and time slot is saved for you. When given a proper notice we can open your time slot to allow a client from wait list to come. Feel rest assured that this policy is in place for your benefit as well as ours.

Disclaimer: Chicago Internal Cleanings services are not intended to replace the relationship you have with your primary health care provider, and we do not give medical advice. It is important to always consult with your doctor if you have concerns prior to making changes in your current health care regimen. We encourage you to be open to new information on the effectiveness of Colon Hydrotherapy, as well as the critical role diet, exercise, stress management and positive surroundings play in your overall health and wellness. The information and services provided at Chicago Internal Cleansing is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose, treat or cure a health problem or a disease. We are not a substitute for medical care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult with your primary health care provider.