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This facility is very professionally run. I have received 4 closed system treatments, and It's the best clinic I've ever been to. I highly recommend it for first-timers who may have anxiety about using this type of service. I also recommend telling the therapist if there is anything that is uncomfortable or could be improved. They are happy to accommodate.

Customer since February 2014

E.F. – very professional

Been to CIC several times already. The colonics have truly helped me with my chronic GI issues and help my body function better. Being on a raw vegan diet helps along with the colonics because your body can renew itself. My therapist is absolutely fantastic as well! Edita is so wonderful and has a very warm heart. You can has as much guidance or as much privacy as you'd like. Thank you for everything!

Customer since May 2014

Marina – Feel Like New

Great experience - would definitely recommend. My therapist made it a pleasant experience and I am definitely returning.

Customer since July 2014

M.F. – Great experience

The establishment was clean and very modern. The staff explained the complete process and made sure I totally understood. I was very comfortable with everything and pleased with the quality of the service. I plan on returning in the near future.

Customer since August 2014

B.N. – Awesome experience
I would never go anyplace else for this type of service. From the first day I walked through the door, it has been a pleasant experience. This was my first time ever having this service done and I did month’s of checking with different places to find which would fit my personality and needs as I was someone who was not familiar with colonic’s. I must say, I found the perfect place and have referred many friends who have become clients as well. Customer since August 2014
Cheree Seawood – Would not go anywhere else for this type of service
Very professional, clean, quiet environment. Highly recommended. Reasonably priced and felt very comfortable. Customer since August 2014
Duffy K – The Best
I felt so comfortable from the moment I stepped in the door my first time and the entire session was absolutely wonderful. She was so helpful and I would definitely recommend this to others. I cannot wait to go back! Customer since August 2014
Emily D – Loved Every Second of it

I lost some inches around my stomach, The cleansing is still taking place two days later. My skin and body feels and looks good.

Customer since September 2014

Ameca Cooley – Colon Cleanse and Oxygen treatment
I lost some inches around my stomach, The cleansing is still taking place two days later. My skin and body feels and looks good.

Customer since September 2014

Bra Jelinek – Colon Cleanse and Oxygen treatment

Initially I had much anxiety about the session but upon entering the facility that feeling left instantly. The atmosphere and staff were comforting and pleasant. This made me relax. After me session I felt positive and relieved. I'm definitely going to make this apart of lifestyle. Thanks Ladies

Customer since September 2014

Best First Experience
I had an amazing first time experience. the therapist was patient, and understanding of it being my first time. The delicious scents of Peppermint were in the air during the quite comfortable procedure. I felt amazing amounts of energy and a great Chi. Thanks CIC!
Justin Robbins – Excellent first time experience

I feel lucky to find Chicago Internal Cleansing for colonics after moving to Chicago. I find the facilities are modern and the service is super. I am for sure making regular visits to keep up my health.

Customer since August 2014

L.W. – Excellent Experience

This was my first time visiting This location. I've had this service before elsewhere. The environment was well sanitized and relaxing. The service was easy and the colonic specialist knew what she was doing. I will go again in the future.

Customer since December 2014

D.B. – Nice and easy

I visited Chicago Internal Cleansing before and each time was a smooth and easy process with great and friendly service. I plan to continuing going. The ladies are very welcoming.

Customer since November 2011

Janelly N – Great, Friendly Service and Treatment

As a frequent user of colonic services, Chicago Internal Cleansing is the best I have ever used. GO!!

Customer since January 2013

T.W. – Top Notch

This was my first colonic and the technician Elita was very pleasant and helpful. She answered every questioned I had...I had alot :-). She made me feel calm and relax. I felt and saw such a difference, I will be going back in the near future.

Customer since January 2015

Kourtney V – Easy Breezy….

I had a great experience at Chicago Internal Cleansing. The facility is very nice, the equipment sterile and the staff was kind and informative. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in their services.

Customer since February 2015

R.I. – Great experience
My first cleansing -- it was a great experience. My naturopath recommended CIC as support to my anti-inflammatory diet. Kimberly is the nicest lady and she made everything completely comfortable for me. A day later, I feel wonderful and energetic. I've already booked my next three sessions! Never thought I'd be the type of person who got colonics, but I can really see why it is beneficial!
Great Experience!
I have not had colonics anwhere but here. I have always been happy with the professionalism, cleanliness and results. I have been 3 times and plan on having colonics every few months to "clean the pipes". If you suffer from irregular bowel movements resulting in bloating and water retention, get a colonic. It seems gross but it really isn't and dare I say, oddly interesting. You will feel like a new person after.
Professional clean and great results.
This was my first colonic. I was as may be expected intimidated, but they made the whole process very easy and comfortable. The place is very clean and sanitary. I have to say that after my first, I felt great. I did schedule a series to see the full effect.
Very Good Experience
I absolutely had a very calming experience given it was my first visit and I was nervous. I already scheduled my second appointment and look forward to taking better care of myself on the inside. I felt relaxed and was talked through the process! The staff is absolutely the nicest I've ever met.
Best thing I could do for my body!
I had my first colonic here, and it was so easy. There was seriously lights off and spa music and a candle and it was way less intimidating. Would recommend to anyone.
All I can say is Great!!!!! This place is very clean and the really make you feel comfortable. I didnt see any weight lost, but I will change how I eat because I saw how backed up I was. I was so out done at the amount of waste was released. It wad so awesome too see.i will go back next week for second cleanse.
First cleanse
I highly recommend Chicago Internal Cleansing for anyone who a) has never done it or b) is looking for a place to become a regular visitor to. It was comfortable and a relaxing environment. I felt lighter and healthier when leaving, and will definitely go back! J.R.
A wonderful experience
Adeta is always very nice, attentive and thoughtful. I've had great 2 oxygen therapy treatments so far and will be back again for sure!
Oxygen theray was great!