Four myths about healthy eating

Below we have listed the 4 most common myths about food and eating habits which in our strive to be healthy and fit many of us blindly believe. Check them our yourself and see if you have ever made these mistakes in your path to healthy living. 1.The myth about staying hungry and eating less…


How to make healthy milk from nuts and seeds

 Store-bought nut milks such as rice, soy or almond milk aren’t raw which means they have undergone processes such as pasteurization, standardization or heat processing. As you might not know, these procedures lower the nutritional values of the particular milk and with every heating or other processing part of the vitamins and minerals is irrevocably…


10 most beneficial foods for women’s health

Today’s society has a high demand for women’s looks. Certain stereotypes for beauty have been forced on the modern-day woman which, whether she admits it or not, always strives to fit into. Well, this article is not about a revolutionary pill which gives you shiny hair and flawless skin, it is a short guide to…


A miracle called Chia seed

Chia is an edible seed coming from the desert plant Salvia Hispanica. It is grown in Mexico and its usage for health benefits dates back to Mayan and Aztec cultures. In Mayan language “Chia” means strength and the tiny chia seeds were considered running food as messengers could run all day thanks to their nutritional…


Juicing is for Everyone

Don’t be fooled into thinking juicing is only for the 100 pound mega trim hotty! At CIC, all of our clients benefit significantly from juicing! The days when going raw and juicing was thought to be strictly a part of the groovy crystal collecting hippy era are over, though still loved. At CIC, our incredible…

Rooftop Garden

The Dachnik Movement

Over 100 years ago, the Dachnik Movement was started in Russia. Dachnik basically means gardener. In Russia, the government gives families around 600 square meters of land where they grow almost all of their fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only are families allowed access to organic fresh produce, but they are also exposed to nature.…


Let’s Juice!

We want to encourage  CIC’s extraordinary clients (and everyone else) to start to add juicing into their daily regimen of good health promoters. Let’s face it, juicing is one of the top detoxifiers. We like to call raw foods, especially raw, fresh, extracted juice from fruits and vegetables, the soap inside our bodies! Keep in mind the…

Oolong Tea

CIC Beverage Suggestions

Water: We must consume plenty of water daily! Water should be our main beverage. The reasons water is mandatory for good health is endless. First of all, water is cleansing and flushes our system of toxins and waste. Plenty of water equals beautiful, full plump skin. A well-hydrated body means our athletic performance will greatly…


CIC's List of Summer Anti-Aging Foods!

There are certain foods which help counteract negative effects of aging on the body.  Consuming these foods, in addition to being anti-aging, will improve overall health and vitality. The nutrient rich foods are also proven to protect you against disease and illness. Berries: Berries of all types are super rich in antioxidants which are the…


Beating the Winter Blues

It can be difficult to remain upbeat all the time. In case you come down with the winter blues, let’s prepare to fight back with a power packed arsenal. Winter officially started December 22, and fatigue, weight gain and cravings for sweet, starchy foods can creep up on us fast. But not this year! There…